Fine classic powerboat models for static scale display and radio control operation.....wooden plank-on-frame and plank-on-bulkhead  models based on mahogany runabouts and raceboats  of the 1920's through the 1940's from the drawing boards of America's finest naval architects.
    Display models are built to accomodate retrofitting of drive motors and radio control equipment later if desired. Radio controlled models incorporate the finest of radio systems operating on 75 mhz and produce a realistic scale performance. All models incorporate rugged light weight framing, selected light red Honduras mahogany planking of scale scantling size, close attention to cockpit details, and custom cast deck hardware in Reyart brass.

1/8 scale (60" length) model of a 1908 Gold Cup raceboat designed by Clinton Crane and built by B. Frank Wood. The prototype boat was equipped with a 2,477 cubic inch 90-degree V8 engine designed by Henry Crane, Clinton's brother. The model is framed in baltic birch, stringers are Sitka spruce, and 1/32" 3-ply baltic birch plywood is bonded in diagonal strips to the framework to provide an "inner skin" for the final bonded planking of 3/32" light red Honduras mahogany. The cutwater is formed of sheet brass; all other hardware is custom cast in Reyart brass using the "lost wax" method of casting. The boat is finished with 6 coats of West System marine epoxy followed by multiple coats of Epifanes marine spar varnish. This is a static scale radio control or drive motor provided.
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1/4 scale (48" length) model of a Fred Wickens-designed 16-foot racing runabout named "Hot Ice" that raced in the Crackerbox class in southern California in the '50's and early '60's. Original Crackerbox boats were powered with Ford flat-head V8's and later they used 283 Chevrolet V8. These boats raced with 2 people aboard.....driver and mechanic. Fred Wickens was considered the best designer of this class of raceboat.
This model is equipped with a John Deere weed-trimmer engine driving a 2 3/4" stainless steel prop through a centrifugal clutch and flexible cable, ....... and dual rudder outdrive. It is equipped with the Ace "Nautical Commander" radio control system and Futaba heavy duty servos. The hull is built of baltic birch frames, Sitka spruce stringers, and has a 1/16" "inner skin" of aircraft birch plywood with 1/16" Honduras mahogany planking bonded to the skin. Finish is 3 coats of West System epoxy followed by 6 coats of Epifanes marine spar varnish, all wet-sanded between coats.
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1/4 scale (48" length) model of John L. Hacker's boat "Lorraine", a 1924 "Gentleman's Runabout" and the subject of one of several "How to Build" articles in Motorboating Magazine during the 1920's. The engine of choice during that time was the F4 Scripps. The model is framed in Occume, stringers are Sitka spruce, framework is covered with diagonal strips of 1/16" 3-ply baltic birch plywood to stabilize and provide a bonding surface for the final 3/32" Honduras mahogany planking. All deck hardware is custom cast in silicon bronze using the "lost wax" process. This model is powered with two 12-volt motors geared together at 3:1 ratio to a single shaft. A 2-channel Futaba radio and MCD electronic speed control provide digital proportional rudder and motor functions.
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Four 1/5 scale (39" length X 11" beam) models of the 1924 John L. Hacker boat "Lorraine", a 16-foot "Gentleman's Runabout" designed in 1924. The models are constructed exactly the same as the 1/4 scale "Lorraine" shown on this web site..... all planking will be light red Honduras mahogany except we may decide to plank the decks of one boat in Zebrawood......a decision to be made later. These boats will be equipped with dual MACK Products 12-volt electric motors geared 2:1 to a single shaft, MACK Products running hardware, 3-channel radio control, electronic speed control, and remotely switchable running lights. All deck hardware will be custom cast in Reyart brass. These models will be 100% complete, finished to the highest levels of craftsmanship, and ready to run at the local pond. They are intended to provide many hours of trouble-free enjoyment, absolutely no environmental pollution, and quiet, reliable operation. Expected completion date is November 1, 2001.
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Current Projects

      ”Victor Slocum”, 16’4” inboard  motor launch designed by William and John Atkin in 1952…to be powered with 36 VDC electric inboard traction motor with controller and on-board battery charger.  Planking is 9 mm Okoume marine ply glued lapstrake, bottom is 18 mm Okoume with 2 layers 16 oz fiberglass with West System marine epoxy.  Trim is Honduran mahogany, seats are  Atlantic white cedar, rudder  and cheeks are  white oak, tiller is white ash…..this boat is a “work in progress” as of February 2010.
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      ”Diana”, a 63” radio controlled live steam model of Weston Farmer’s 25-foot 1890’s style fantail launch.  The model will be powered  with the Saito T2GR 2-cylinder marine steam engine and B2G boiler with dual torch burner.  The model is lapstrake planked in 1/8 quarter sawn Port Orford cedar, trim will be Honduran mahogany.  This model will carry a dark green canopy to match dark green leather seats and hull bottom. Rudder & deck hardware will be custom cast in silicon bronze.  The radio system for this boat is the Ace “Nautical Commander” 7-channel system with two servos to  the rudder in push/pull arrangement, one servo to the Stephenson link on the engine for forward/reverse, one servo to the boiler for steam feed to the engine,  another servo to the boiler for a steam whistle, and one servo to an electric bilge pump…..  this boat is a “work in progress” as of February 2010
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      ”Endless”, a static 1/12 scale model  (28”) of  the prototype 28-foot Hackercraft  residing on Lake George, NY.  This model is built plank-on-bulkhead with 1/16” Honduran mahogany over an underlayment of 1/32” Baltic birch ply.  Planks are spiled in same scale dimensions and count as the prototype.  Hardware (55 pieces) was formed in hard purple jeweler’s wax by me  and cast in lost wax method by Benton’s of Salado, Texas.  All deck and cockpit  hardware is solid silver with trace of Argentium to prevent firescale and tarnish.  Rudder, strut, and prop are silicon bronze.  This model was upholstered by  Nancy Summers  of  Summerville Miniature Workshop, Greenfield, Indiana.  Gold leaf transom lettering was  by  John Bruening of Queensbury, NY.  I have a complete set of Castanaldo rubber molds for wax injection of all hardware items should  a future need arise for Hackercraft hardware in 1/12 scale.
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      A pair of  7’7” Nutshell  sailing/rowing Prams ……both in glued lap Okoume ply with Honduran mahogany trim.
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     “Charlotte”  11’6” solo canoe to a design by Tom Hill of Vermont in 6 mm Okoume glued lapstrake with Honduran mahogany trim ….hull weight is 39 pounds.
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      “Piccolo”  13’8” sailing canoe to a design by Bob Baker in 6 mm Okoume glued lapstrake   with Honduran mahogany trim.
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     Anabelle”  10’2” outboard skiff  designed by William Atkin in 6 mm Okoume lapstrake planks and 9 mm Okoume bottom with one layer fiberglass cloth set in epoxy….trim is Honduran mahogany, seats are Spanish cedar.  The 2 hp Honda is more than adequate for this boat….with only one person aboard, must sit  slightly forward of the aft seat  to balance the hull.
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Future Projects

1929 Chris Craft Upswept Runabout ..28 foot….scaled at 2.2”=1’0” (62” model) powered with the Zenoah 22 cc water-cooled marine engine w/centrifugal clutch and on-board electric starter


1880 steam launch “Nellie” …..30 foot….scaled at 1.5”=1’0” (45” model) powered  with Saito T2DR steam engine and B2F boiler.  The prototype of this boat is on display at Mystic Seaport Museum, Mystic, Connecticut


No future full scale boats are planned.

Any questions or comments,emailJohn